Everyone has to start somewhere.  In my case, I need to start twice.  I didn't expect my life to so drastically change without any warning...but it did.  Of course, I went to the Love is a Big Deal workshop with every intention of learning, growing, and perhaps changing a little.  Having my heart uprooted through my eyeballs??  Didn't expect THAT.

Josh and Meg Souder did just that.  They rocked my world and shook my vision and caused me to see my future in photography in a whole different light.  This whole time, I haven't been looking ahead, at all...I've been thinking backwards and not intentionally.  Well, things are different now.  

Much different. 

Button to Bliss is no took me where I needed to be, but it is no longer my vision, it is not my true heart.  I love weddings.  I love love.  I love couples.  No offense, formerly named "kin", "nuggets" and "grads"...but you are not my passion.  I like you just fine in my life, but my true heart is with those in love.  How sappy, right?   

My new mentors and best friends helped me to find that vision simply by asking "why", I reevaluated why I was doing what I was doing, and came to the conclusion that I want to focus on weddings, and only weddings.  I can't tell you how right it feels.  And it's only right that this happened this year, this year is MY year, a year for love and adventure and change.  I've already been through a whirlwind of completely changing my career and focus, and this workshop only helped me to find a more specific vision.  

With the help of love songs and my new besties Tish and Katie, some beautiful words floated up in front of my eyes (like that one part in HP : Chamber of Secrets when Voldemort rearranges the words of Tom Marvolo Riddle...or not) and I saw it, "Made to be Mine".  it encompasses how I feel about love and it rolls off the tongue real sweet. 

However, I'm not going to leave my dear B2B without saying goodbye.  I've compiled some past images that fall into my vision for "Made to be Mine".  It's been it's about to get real-er.