...more like youbettaWERKshop!

I know that I've already unloaded my emotional vent on you guys from the workshop. But that wasn't the whole story.  Every story comes with pictures, duh.  Especially when you get twelve photographers together.   

Not only did I have the most life-changing experience EVER, but I got to see the prettiest house of all time, meet new instant best friends, and hang out in one of my favorite cities.  Did I mention the food?   That's my favorite part about traveling, by 

My time home since the workshop has kind of been a blur.  A blur of change, ideas, constant correspondence, and late late nights.

I'm excited about my styled shoot that's in the works, my future couples that I haven't even met, and my new business cards that will be at my door soon!

My heart is bursting at the seams.  You guys have no idea.  I want to attack the world of my ideal bride and groom and throw it right in your face!  You know, in a good way.

The beginning of my new adventure...