It’s unusual to be surrounded by such talented friends…but I have plenty.  Shanon is one of them.  and I'm not just saying so because she’s my friend…I could hate the girl and would still drool over the magic she creates.  Shanon is the owner of Bittersweet Floral, she’s held her own, losing business partners, going through the trends and craziness that is the wedding world, and raising four kids.  In all the ups and downs she hasn’t lost her vision.  So when she needed me to come by to take pictures of some florals that she was putting together for a wedding, I jumped at the chance.  Shan and I have some upcoming plans as well, it seems we can’t get enough of each other:)  It's kind of hilarious how much we geek out when we're working together.

I could take pictures of flowers alllll day, especially the ones Shan puts together.  It's ridiculous.  she made that bouquet in a matter of minutes.  Seriously.  Thank you for being my friend, Shan...and for having talent pouring out of your ears.