I'm not the kind of girl that loses touch with her high school friends.  I'm not even the kind of girl that loses touch with her grade school friends.  Well Alyssa is both.  We grew up in church together from middle school on, and we've been inseparable ever since.  Not only that, but her younger sister was friends with my little sister, and is now also one of my dearest friends.  It's a family affair, really.  I love the whole dang family.

Alyssa is the first person I drank wine with, the one I went to endless concerts with (including JT!!!), and the one who has always taught me how to dress to the NINES.

She hasn't been much into the dating scene....who can blame her, it's awful and scary and hard to trust people with your heart.  And then Grant came along.  And he pursued her relentlessly until she knew he was serious about her.  After that, it wasn't long before they got engaged...and their wedding is right around the corner!!  I'm so thrilled to have a small part in telling their story.  I can't wait to stand next to her this spring and watch her have the best day ever.

Alyssa and Grant fell in love in Chicago, so we clearly needed to document their romance in the heart of the city.  We ventured all over the place on a brisk winter day in January; laughing every second, drinking awesome coffee, and discovering awesome little nooks.

In this dark, gloomy, frigid winter...I was beyond thrilled to get out there with such a special couple and grab hold of their love story.  I hope that while you're sitting where you are, desperately trying to get warm...that these awesome + loving + beautiful images bring you joy.