For nearly thirty years, Jess and I have been at each other's side.  Mostly behaving obnoxiously, hitting milestones, and just genuinely loving each other.  She and Josh were married FOREVER ago...just a couple of kids.  Now with two grown boys and a thriving coffee business, the two of them still have time to gush all over each other. 

Nathan and I took a road trip out to Pennsylvania to visit these two and their boys this fall.  I have been begging Jess to let me photograph her and Josh for years, and she finally made the suggestion herself.  So we took a day trip to Philly and visited their amazing coffee shop.  We got some high class brew and ventured down an alley.

To say this time was meaningful to the four of us is an understatement.  I was able to spend time with three people I love dearly, and gift my beautiful friends with a special documentation of a brief moment in their 13+ years together.