The minute I got the inquiry from Zara and Asim, I knew I wanted to meet them, and I definitely wanted to shoot their ceremony.  Right off the bat they were so cool.  Both photography nerds and couldn't say enough about my work, they really are the sweetest couple.

The first time I met Zara and Asim was the day of their Nikkah ceremony.  Muslim tradition calls upon multiple ceremonies and events but this is the first, and the one when the couple becomes legally bound.  Still, it was strange walking into Zara's family home not knowing who or what I would be shooting.  But I soon came to find out how unbelievably welcoming their families were.  as an outside observer, I didn't have a clue what was going on half the time, but everyone was dressed so beautifully and the whole moment was pretty serene.

Afterwards, the most unbelievable homemade Indian food was passed around...and Zara and Asim were welcomed by their families with a traditional feeding of sweets.  What was to follow, I was unprepared for...

I have never seen dancing like this at a reception.  I mean, it was PHENOMENAL.  Every single person was dancing...they were all dressed in the most gorgeous colors...and it was basically nonstop from start to finish.  I was completely enthralled.  by the time I had to leave, I didn't WANT to.  Also, this is literally the ONLY wedding I've shot where I didn't want any black and white images...the colors are just too incredible to monochrome.  I don't know if monochrome can be used as a verb, but I make things happen.  

Everyone was so much fun and made me feel like a part of the celebration.  Thank you to my #zasim couple for letting me be a part of your glorious madness.  Get ready for part two of Zara and their fashionable the middle of Chicago.